21 iunie 2007

Google to Buy Apple?

Rumors have circulated over the last couple days that Google may be interested in buying Apple. The rumors stem from a recent New York Magazine article, in which the author cites a source close to Steve Jobs implying that because of his past health battles (pancreatic cancer) and Apple’s stock back-dating options scandal, the iconic leader may be worn down and looking for an exit.

While unlikely, the companies have a similar culture, the same nemesis (Microsoft), and Google CEO Eric Schmidt sits on Apple’s Board of Directors. With Apple’s biggest product launch since the iPod just days away, the timing also seems awkward, but the rumor has been reported in several sources, including Channel Register in the UK.

Apple and Google already work together in several ways, and as we reported earlier today, YouTube will be a part of the iPhone launch. For now, though, we see this one as improbable.

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Mauricio Fernandez Rosiñol spunea...

If Steve Jobs sells Apple it would bee for a gigantic amount of stock so he'll have a sit in the directors table to take actions in Google. Same thing happened when selling Pixar to Disney. He keept his CEO tittle in Pixar and he takes decisions for Disney, Co. So obviously Steve keeps his CEO tittle in Apple, Inc. I hope Apple to stay like Apple and not Gapple.